So Proud of These Cookie Decorators!

I have enjoyed designing and cutting my own cookie stencils from the very first time I tried it. The software was a challenge to learn though! That is why I began helping others learn the skills they need to cut their own stencils. For those that don’t want to learn to design stencils, but have … Read more

Busy! Busy!

Hello Everyone! I have been so busy with The COLORFUL Cookie Stencil Fun for Cookiers Facebook group that I have not written a blog post for a couple of weeks! I would like to invite you to join us in the Facebook group if you would like to get stencil designing tips, see video tutorials … Read more

Using a Pre-Made Design for a Stencil

There are a lot of inexpensive pre-made cuttable designs out there that make excellent cookie stencils. They are a big time saver too! There are some really great websites that offer free designs that come with a commercial use license. Apex Cuttable Designs has designs that are perfect for cookie stencils. They also have a daily freebie … Read more

Silhouette-Happy Birthday Stencil

I recently wrote a guest blog post for Silhouette School. In the post, I shared how to design a balloon background stencil using a circle and a triangle. Today, I want to show you how to design a Happy Birthday word stencil to go with the balloon background stencil. Since you have learned how to make bridges in … Read more

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