Get The Skills, Advice, And Inspiration You Need To Design And Cut Your Own Culinary Stencils!


  • You have no idea where to begin.
  • You feel overwhelmed by the different cutting machines and software and can’t decide which one is right for you.
  • You are looking for inspiration for new designs.
  • You need real help from a person who knows how it is done.
  • You need someone to walk you through the step by step process.

In my monthly membership program, The Colorful Cookie Club, you’ll be surrounded by people who love to make creative cookies using stencils just like you do. You all want to learn to design and cut your own stencils and this is the place to do it!

For the same price as buying a few premade stencils each month, you can have access to all the knowledge you need to create your own unlimited custom stencils… a skill you will then have for the rest of your life!


I have been designing and cutting culinary stencils for a while now, and I have a lot of great tips, time-tested advice, and inspiration for both newbies and seasoned pros! I have made designing mistakes, wasted lots of stencil material, been frustrated, and even wanted to throw my machine out the window. Let me share what I know with you and spare you all of that!  



From step-by-step video tutorials on the most popular cutting machines to software lessons and resources outlining all of my tips and techniques, you’ll be an expert at designing and cutting stencils before you know it!

It seems overwhelming at first, but once you gain the necessary skills, you will be designing and cutting all kinds of stencils!


As part of The Colorful Cookie Club, you’ll receive free stencil and cookie cutter downloads every month, plus 20% off all stencil downloads in The Colorful Cookie Studio online shop. 

There is no waiting for stencils in the mail and if you need a stencil in a hurry, you can cut and use right away


We will inspire each other! Our members only Facebook group will be filled with people just like you who want to learn everything there is to know about designing culinary stencils. 

You’re encouraged to be active and participate in our members only Facebook group to ask questions and bounce stenciling ideas off of other cookiers. You will also be the first to know when I come across new resources, stencil ideas, images, and fonts.

Here are a few things you receive with your membership!

–  The Colorful Cookie Club includes a steady stream of helpful video tutorials that you can access anytime.
–  You will also get one-on-one help during my weekly FB Live Q&A
–  Receive a discount in The Colorful Cookie Studio online shop
–  Receive free stencil downloads every month
–  Get access to our exclusive, members-only Facebook community to connect with like-minded individuals
–  Enter to Win a $100 Amazon gift card each month when you complete the themed stencil tutorials
–  Be part of the monthly newsletter and have the opportunity to be featured in our member’s corner

“Worth Every Penny… Nancy Westfall Is AMAZING! Thank You For Your Dedication, Help And Wonderful Giving Spirit!” – Karyn

What does it cost?


$29.99 / Month

Monthly Membership Fee



$297 / Annually

Annual Membership Fee


Look at what these members are already doing since they joined the club.

Here is what current members have to say about the club:

As A Member Of The Club, I Can Tell You That Nancy Westfall Is A Wealth Of Information And The Paid Membership Is Worth Its Weight In Gold!” -Christine

“I Would Pay The Membership Fee, Plus, To Have Access To All Of Your Help And Knowledge. You Are Always Sharing, Helping, And Most Of All Wanting Everyone To Learn. THANK YOU FOR WHAT YOU DO!!! I Have Learned So Much With The Club” -Gina

You’re finally using your machine with ease and getting your money’s worth out of it rather than feeling guilty that it’s been collecting dust.

You’re having great conversations with other members in our exclusive online Facebook group.

And Most Importantly…

You’re designing and cutting more stencils than ever before with confidence.

You’re TRULY having the best time exploring your creative side… and enjoying the rewards of your effort!

You’re impressing your family, friends and customers with your beautiful stenciled cookies.

And getting lots of cookie orders that will help your business boom!

You Will Find That Designing Your Own Stencils Is Addictive And So Much Fun! It Gives You Creative Freedom To Create Any Stencil Design. If You Can Dream It, You Can Design It. I Guarantee It!

Other cookiers will wonder how you made such unique and perfectly decorated cookies and it speeds up the decorating process, helping you get orders out the door faster. You and your cookies will be the talk of the town!

If you’re already decorating cookies, you’re probably buying stencils on a fairly regular basis. Why not spend that money instead on learning to cut your own designs? You’ll recoup your costs quickly, and you’ll gain a valuable skill you didn’t have before!

Your Club Leader

Hello! I am Nancy Westfall, the creative behind The Colorful Cookie. I am passionate about designing, cutting, and using culinary stencils. I am so thankful to be doing what I love and enjoy! I am a teacher at heart, which means there’s nothing more enjoyable to me than sharing my knowledge and helping others learn. Not only do I get to teach people online and interact with them in our Club Facebook group, I get to travel and teach classes. I absolutely love it! Creating makes me happy!

I have been sharing my knowledge with other cookiers through The Colorful Cookie Club, Facebook and my blog for 3 years now. I am always looking to make new cookie friends and love to learn new things. I have learned how to design cookie cutters too, so   that is my latest fun adventure!                                                                         
If you love decorating sugar cookies and using stencils as much as I do, you will love The Colorful Cookie Club! You Will Find That Designing Your Own Stencils Is Addictive And So Much Fun! It Gives You Creative Freedom To Create Any Stencil Design. If You Can Dream It, You Can Design It. I Guarantee It!


What people are saying about Nancy

Hello! I am Nancy Westfall from The Colorful Cookie Studio. I am passionate about designing, cutting, and using culinary stencils. I am a teacher at heart, which means there’s nothing more enjoyable to me than sharing my knowledge and helping others learn. I have been sharing my knowledge with other cookiers through Facebook and my blog for almost two years. I am always looking to make new cookie friends and love to learn new things. If you love decorating sugar cookies and stencils as much as I do, you have come to the right place!

Barb Kelly

“Not only do Nancy’s stencils make your cookies look gorgeous and give them that wow factor, they make cookie decorating so quick and easy. I love that they are on trend and easy to incorporate with any style of cookie I’m decorating.”


“Nancy is a super star! She has gone above and beyond spending time, energy and dedication; she answers the simplest questions with respect and kindness, while encouraging self learning. Her hands on teaching style, easy to follow tutorials, and simple directions help her online followers to be successful in cutting stencils and using their machines for various projects. She is supportive, patient, kind, knowledgeable, truly amazing and inspiring!”

Karyn Villa

“I cannot say enough good things about The Colorful Cookie! So incredibly helpful with getting me on the road to using my Silhouette Cameo! From basic knowledge to advanced help, Nancy was fabulous! I would still be staring blankly at the machine without her help!”

Andrea Walters

“I have learned so much and benefited greatly from all of Nancy’s hard work and dedication to those who want to be able to design and cut their own stencils. I am now able to create and cut my own stencils whenever I need them, which is a lot of fun and a great time saver for those of us who enjoy making decorated cookies. I have learned so much about making stencils from Nancy Westfall! Thank you Nancy for all you’ve done for me and the stencil group!”

Nancy Ajolo

“On my first attempt, I created a standard plastic stencil and went right on to create a screen stencil. I am confident that, as I learn how to create more complex projects, Nancy Westfall will be there with advice, reassurance, and humor to help me succeed.”

Karen Renfro Smith

I’m brand new to designing and cutting stencils. I haven’t even purchased a cutting machine yet. Will I be able to keep up?

I work with students at all levels. The introductory materials within the program will give you step by step instructions to use each cutting machine. This information can also help you decide which machine is right for you. You’ll be ready to jump right into the program, and I’ll be there with you to make sure you don’t get lost! Check this blog post for more info.

I’ve been designing and cutting stencils for awhile, this material will be too basic for me?

The teacher in me will tell you that you never stop learning. Even though I consider myself to be an expert when it comes to culinary stencils, I still learn new things all the time (which I will of course be passing along to all my club members). Within the club, we will get to advanced techniques if these are of interest to you and you’ll have direct access to me for any help or questions you have along the way.

Which machines and software will you be covering in your videos?

I will be teaching you how to use the most recent Cricut and Silhouette machines and the design programs that come with them, Cricut Design Space and Silhouette Studio.

What is your cancellation and refund policy?

If you no longer wish to be part of the club, you are free to cancel anytime. Cancellation is effective immediately.

Are the topics going to be relevant to what I want to learn?

I answer questions every day from people just like you. People who need answers to specific questions to complete a design they are working on. The topics that will be covered in the club will be in specific order and step by step. No guessing about what to do next. The topics, pace, and perks of The Colorful Cookie Club will be well worth the investment, no matter your current skill level.

What are the benefits of designing and cutting my own stencils?

You will save time and money, and earn yourself a reputation as a unique cookie decorator! Stencils can be costly, and you have to order them ahead of time and hope they’re the right size for your cookie and what you had in mind when you ordered the stencil. It’s also much easier to decorate a batch of cookies when you have multiple copies of the same stencil, so knowing how to design and cut your own stencils will be more cost effective than buying duplicates. You’ll also save time when you don’t have to wait on the mail carrier to deliver your stencils. You’ll quickly be able to recoup the initial cost of the machine and stencil materials and you won’t have to pay for shipping on every stencil you need!

What do you use my email for?

Your email is necessary to send you all the welcome information, so that you know how to navigate the club and where to find all the resources. You will also receive the monthly newsletter, which you can opt-out of, but it provides so much value every month that you won’t want to! We will not share your email with anyone else, it will exclusively be for us to communicate with you.

Will I be able to watch the videos whenever I want?

As long as you are a member of The Colorful Cookie Club, you will be able to log in and watch the videos anytime you like.

What makes you qualified to teach others to design and cut stencils?

I have spent many MANY hours learning how to use different machines and their design software. I taught myself how to design and cut stencils. I have been sharing my knowledge with other “cookiers” both on Facebook and on my blog for nearly two years. I have a background in teaching and did it as a profession for 20 years. Teaching people comes naturally to me and I love doing it… just as much as I love designing and cutting stencils!

How much does The Colorful Cookie Club cost?

The cost of the membership is $29.99 a month.

Join The Colorful Cookie Club Today!