So Proud of These Cookie Decorators!

I have enjoyed designing and cutting my own cookie stencils from the very first time I tried it. The software was a challenge to learn though! That is why I began helping others learn the skills they need to cut their own stencils. For those that don’t want to learn to design stencils, but have … Read more

Busy! Busy!

Hello Everyone! I have been so busy with The COLORFUL Cookie Stencil Fun for Cookiers Facebook group that I have not written a blog post for a couple of weeks! I would like to invite you to join us in the Facebook group if you would like to get stencil designing tips, see video tutorials … Read more

Using a Pre-Made Design for a Stencil

There are a lot of inexpensive pre-made cuttable designs out there that make excellent cookie stencils. They are a big time saver too! There are some really great websites that offer free designs that come with a commercial use license. Apex Cuttable Designs has designs that are perfect for cookie stencils. They also have a daily freebie … Read more

Silhouette-Happy Birthday Stencil

I recently wrote a guest blog post for Silhouette School. In the post, I shared how to design a balloon background stencil using a circle and a triangle. Today, I want to show you how to design a Happy Birthday word stencil to go with the balloon background stencil. Since you have learned how to make bridges in … Read more

Silhouette-All About Bridges

When I create bridges in Silhouette Studio, I like to use the knife tool. Bridges can also be made using the eraser tool, but I like the knife tool because it is quick and easy for me to cut out unwanted areas.  Cutting out areas doesn’t sound like you are bridging anything, does it? Taking areas … Read more

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