Hello everyone! So much learning has been going on in The Colorful Cookie Stencil Studio Facebook group! Helping everyone has kept me very busy! I have also opened two online shops The Colorful Cookie Stencil Studio and another shop at So Fontsy that keeps me on my design toes! The stencil making craze has exploded! So many cookiers with … Read more

I have more bragging to do!

I am so impressed with how the cookiers in The Colorful Cookie Stencil Studio Facebook Group are learning how to design and cut their own custom stencils. Some members have been cutting their own stencils for awhile and some are just beginning to learn. Look at some of the pics they are posting! Whether it be completed … Read more

Cookie Stencil Mania!

That’s what I am going to call it. Cookie Stencil Mania! Our Facebook group has grown to over 2100 people! There are so many active members in our group. There is so much learning going on too. I am very happy about that!  My blog, which I have neglected lately because I have been so busy … Read more

So Proud of These Cookie Decorators!

I have enjoyed designing and cutting my own cookie stencils from the very first time I tried it. The software was a challenge to learn though! That is why I began helping others learn the skills they need to cut their own stencils. For those that don’t want to learn to design stencils, but have … Read more

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