Hello from The Colorful Cookie!

Decorated sugar cookies were something I had wanted to try for a long time. I started searching online for blogs, video tutorials, Facebook groups, and any kind of helpful tips that would help me learn this new craft. I stumbled across so much information that my brain was on overload! I didn’t mind that because I was learning something new at every turn. I had not realized that there were so many different cookie and royal icing recipes, tools, techniques, and famous “cookiers” out there. Cookie Land is huge!

One thing I love about Cookie Land is that so many of the “cookiers” share so much information with others. They are very generous with their knowledge! Their helpful tips and tricks are priceless when you are new cookier! It took lots of practice to find a cookie recipe that I liked. I have tried more recipes than I can count! It was the same for finding a royal icing recipe, let alone learning to get the consistency just right for piping, outlining, and flooding. That’s a whole different set of skills to master. There were times when I thought that I was never going to figure it out. I was determined though! After a lot of practice and many failed attempts, I finally found recipes that I liked. Then it was on to the decorating process.

As for the decorating process…well that took lots of practice too. I had never held a piping bag before, had no idea what I even needed to get started. That’s where all of the video tutorials came in handy. I practiced and practiced until my hands hurt. LOL! I am not a pro, by any means, but I enjoy it. I am a perfectionist, which can be a bad thing at times. I have learned to let some of that go because if I didn’t, no cookies would make it out the door. My neighbors love me because they were the recipient of a lot of “OOPS” cookies. That’s what I call the ones that aren’t perfect ;0)

These are my first batch of cookies. I never finished decorating them. It took forever for me to get this much icing on them!

Not long after I felt comfortable decorating sugar cookies, I began to want all of the fun tools to try new techniques with the royal icing. I wanted more cookie cutters, Dough E-Z mat, Pico projector, airbrush, cookie stencils, Stencil Genie, and all the other gadgets that I saw my mentors using. That’s when my interest in stencils began. I ordered from several stencil vendors. Then I realized that I could cut my own custom stencils with a personal cutting machine and I started off on a new crafty adventure. I joined a stencil group on Facebook, learned a few things about cutting machines, bought a cutting machine, started to learn the software and began sharing my knowledge with the group. They were learning from my posts and I was really enjoying answering their questions.

That leads me to why I am here. I am known for being crafty. I am one of those people who see something and say, “Why do I need to buy that, when I can make it myself?” These are famous last words on so many projects that I have attempted. I still buy stencils online, especially the very intricate stencils that take a long time to create, but I make most of my own now.

I have never blogged before, so it is new to me, but I’d like to share the stencil making process with people who want to learn. If you want to learn, you have come to the right place. I promise to save you lots of frustrating moments and the urge to throw your computer out the window! I will start out with the simplest of stencils and we will progress from there. Follow along and you’ll be cutting your own stencils in no time!