Join The Colorful Cookie Club and Learn to Design and Cut Your Own Stencils

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Learn to design and cut your own cookie and culinary stencils! The Colorful Cookie Club is open for enrollment NOW! I would love to have you join us! It is worth the cost for all that you learn and the freebies that you receive, plus it is just lots of fun!

The link with all of the information about the club and sign up button can be found HERE. You can join the club at this link today! Don’t miss out on an opportunity to learn a new skill and up your cookie game!

Please share this information with anyone you think may be interested.

Let’s Get Busy Designing!


2 thoughts on “Join The Colorful Cookie Club and Learn to Design and Cut Your Own Stencils

  1. Hi, I just joined!
    I’m looking forward to learning how to make stencils for cookie decorations. I’m very familiar with my Silhouette and have already received the thermo flex, mesh and I already own a heat press.
    I am curious what temperature is used for the stencil but I guess I will learn from the tutorials.
    Thank You,

    • Hi Ronel! Welcome to the Club! You will love it! I set my heat press at 315 degrees and heat for about 5-7 seconds under teflon and then turn over and repeat. Check it and do it again if needed. Each brand of vinyl can need a different amount of time.

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