Links to Cutting Machines, Tools, Stencil Materials, and Supplies

I wanted to put all of the links to everything I recommend using in one convenient location for you. If you bookmark this page, you can always come back here and click to order any stencil supplies that you need.

These are all of the machines, tools, and supplies that I prefer. I have tried all of these items, so I am only recommending things that I use successfully myself. Some of these links are affiliate links, which means that you are not paying more for the items you purchase, but I do receive a small percentage of the cost of the item for referring it to you. The links included are from Swing Design, 651 Vinyl, Amazon,, So Fontsy. Creative Cookier and Dough EZ are not affiliate links, but there are promo codes to receive a discount.

These items are from Swing Design-

Silhouette Machines

White Silhouette Cameo 3

Black Silhouette Cameo 3 


Software Upgrades

Silhouette Studio Basic Edition

Silhouette Studio Designer Edition

Silhouette Studio Business Edition


Silhouette Tools

Vinyl Scraper

Silhouette Deluxe Tool Kit


Silhouette Blades

Silhouette Premium Blade:

Silhouette Cameo 3 Auto Blade:

Silhouette Cameo 12×12 Cutting Mat:



Oracle 651 12 x 12 transparent sheet:

Oracle 751 transparent sheet:

Oracle 651 transparent roll:

Oracle 751 transparent roll:

These items are from

Cricut Maker

Explore Air

Premium German Carbide Blade 5 Pack

Cricut Mats

Cricut Easy Press

Cricut Access subscription Plans

Get 10% off of any order with your Cricut Access subscription

These items are from 651 Vinyl-

You need this Pin Pen tool! It is great for weeding!!  Here is a video about it.

Pin Pen Tool

Oracal 651 Transparent roll 12” x 10 yd:

Oracal 651 Transparent sheet 12”x12” :

Oracal 651 Transparent sheet 12”x24” :

Iron-on tutorial:

These items are from Amazon-

Traditional Stencil Materials

Grafix 007 Clear

Grafix DuraLar 005 Clear

Grafix DuraLar 005 Matte

Screen and Vinyl Stencil Materials


Screen Mesh 110 Weave

*This screen is for Clear 651 or Clear HTV material. You will need it for either vinyl that you decide to use*



*Clear Oracal 65, which is Adhesive Backed Vinyl

*Transfer Tape

You can also use Contact Paper from Wal-Mart or $ Tree in place of transfer tape



1. IRON-ON  Thermoflex Plus Frosty Clear(matte) HTV


2. Siser Easy Weed Adhesive Vinyl

*Teflon Sheet

If you use iron on vinyl, you need a protective cover(Teflon sheet or thin towel) over it to keep it from getting too hot and melting the screen and vinyl.This protects the mesh/htv when ironing.



Machine and Tools

Cricut Explore Air 2

Cricut Basic Tool Set

Cricut XL Scraper

Cricut Cutting Mat

Cricut Fine Point Premium German Carbide Blade 



Machine and Tools

Silhouette Cameo 3    

Silhouette Tool Kit   

Silhouette Cutting Mat

Silhouette Auto Blade

Silhouette Premium Blade

Silhouette Ratchet Blade


PYO Paint Brushes

Short Handle Brush

Long Handle Brush

Zig 2 Way Glue


Amerimist Airbrush Pearl Sheen Colors

Amerimist Airbrush Colors


Other Links to tools that I use-

These links are not affiliate links. You can use the promo codes to receive a discount.

So Fontsy-A one stop shop for all things relating to svg’s and fonts!

The Colorful Cookie Stencil Studio So Fontsy Shop

Air Genie Basic Kit from Creative Cookier Receive 20% off with promo code(provided in our FB group)

Dough EZ Rolling System enter the promo code:colorful to receive 10% 0ff

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