Hello everyone!

So much learning has been going on in The Colorful Cookie Stencil Studio Facebook group! Helping everyone has kept me very busy! I have also opened two online shops The Colorful Cookie Stencil Studio and another shop at So Fontsy that keeps me on my design toes!

The stencil making craze has exploded! So many cookiers with cutting machines are learning to make custom stencils. And the cookiers who were thinking about getting a cutting machine, have decided it is time!  Designing and cutting stencils is a lot of fun, can be very addictive, and it makes your cookies stand out! If you want to learn more or are just beginning to entertain the thought of making your own stencils, I have a special event planned!

Next week, I will be hosting a FREE LIVE WEBINAR. It will be Thursday, February 22 at 5:00 p.m. CST. I hope you will tune in! I will be answering the most common questions that I get about the stencil designing and cutting process like…How I got started making cookie stencils, how to decide which cutting machine is right for you, the best tools and materials you need to start cutting stencils, where to find inspiration for designing stencils and the traditional stencil vs the controversial vinyl stencil.

Sometimes Google doesn’t have all of the answers! Let me help you by answering some of your stencil designing and cutting questions. I have had lots of practice with cutting machines and software! Designing stencils is a learning process, but don’t let it boggle your mind! Let me help you learn!

There will be a FANTASTIC GIVEAWAY! You definitely want to get entered for a chance to win! One lucky winner will be given one of every digital stencil download that is in the online shop at The Colorful Cookie Stencil Studio! That is a lot of stencil downloads!

Please join me for my FREE LIVE WEBINAR THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 22 SAT 5:00 P.M. CST.

Look forward to seeing you there!