That’s what I am going to call it. Cookie Stencil Mania! Our Facebook group has grown to over 2100 people! There are so many active members in our group. There is so much learning going on too. I am very happy about that!  My blog, which I have neglected lately because I have been so busy with everything going on, has a large following too. The shop has been very well received with all kinds of people downloading digital stencil files to cut on their cutting machines because there is nothing like needing a stencil and cutting it immediately! I add new stencils daily and I take requests for stencil files, so if you have something in mind, send me an email. I always like to say, “I could design stencils until the cows come home.” I have a million and one designs floating around in my head.  I also have several other exciting things in the works to be announced at a later date.

Learning to design and cut stencils has been such an adventure for me! Had I not been an elementary school teacher, graphic design would have been my career choice. I have enjoyed it from the very first time I started learning a year and a half ago. Don’t get me wrong.  I had many moments where I was at my wits end trying to figure it all out. I wasted so much stencil material, but I was going to figure it out. After many, many sleepless nights watching software tutorials, tinkering around in both Silhouette Studio and Cricut Design Space and trying all kinds of stencil material and cut settings, I finally figured it out.  I had to learn what the software was capable of and transfer and apply that knowledge to designing and cutting cookie stencils because there was nothing available specifically to help me learn. Now, I see a stencil in everything I look at. It’s just like reading. Once you learn to read, you don’t just see letters, you see words and automatically read them. I stencilize everything I look at!

The Colorful Cookie Stencil Studio blog, Facebook group and digital download shop came about because of all of you. You make it what it is. I enjoy helping you learn. I really like hearing about your successes when you design and cut stencils. So often, I hear, “I bought a machine, but I’ve never had it out of the box.” or “I tried it. I couldn’t figure it out, so it’s been setting in the closet ever since.” Once people watch a few of my video tutorials and post comments or questions,  I start to see more comments like, “Wow! I can do this!” or “Yes I did it! I can’t believe I have let my machine set in the closet this long!”  And sometimes I hear, ” I don’t have time to design stencils. Would you do it for me? I’ll buy the design from you.” or “I don’t want to learn how to design. I just want to cut my own stencils.” That is why I opened The Colorful Stencil Studio online shop.

When I see all of the photos you share of your stencils and cookies, I am so proud of all of you! I believe in encouraging and supporting each other. I hope that you find joy in your stencil adventure and pay it forward to others by helping them learn. This world needs more kindness! You never know the impact you have on other people. Something you say or do may just be the best thing they hear or see today.

Happy Stenciling and Happy Thanksgiving!

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