When trying to come up with ideas for stencils, Cricut Access makes it pretty easy. Use the search bar to search theme or holiday terms. You will find lots of images to use as a springboard for ideas.

**The stencil in the photo is a silk screen stencil made for cookies using a Cricut Access image. When you use this kind of stencil, there is no need for bridging the image or any words in a stencil.  Kelly at Ingredient Love Cookie Co. came up with this cool technique that is similar to screen printing on clothing. Learn more about it. Join the Facebook Group HERE.


Open Design Space.

1 Click>New to open a new workspace.

2 Click>Images.


Type your search term in the search bar at the top right.


You can also filter your search by Ownership, Type, and Layers. You can choose Cricut Access, Free, My Uploads, etc. by checking the box next to images you want to see. You can select more than one box.


These are just a few of the images from my search that I added to the workspace. I may not use all of them or I may combine some of them for my own design, but I am looking for ideas at this point.


1 Insert all of the images that you selected into the workspace.

2 SAVE the PROJECT as “Halloween Images”.

**I only saved a fraction of what is available. The more search terms you use, the more images you will find.


Now, let’s save the images that are alike in one project. I decided to keep all of the images with words in this project. I deleted all of the other images. Since we already saved the original file, we still have that project and we can open it again and save a project with with a new name.

When you save this project, be sure to click “Save As” and name it “Halloween Words”. That way, the original project(Halloween Images) is still saved and you can go back to it, sort, and save another project with all of the spider images or maybe scary tree images the same way. Just be sure to click “Save As”. If you click “Save”, you will override the original project.

This is the way that I like to do begin a theme or holiday set of stencils. I am careful not to save too many images together though, because that may cause an error message. I just keep using the Save As feature and deleting what I don’t want in a project. I basically work off of the original project called Halloween Words.


Designing Stencils from the Images

Begin by ungrouping images with more than one layer. The images on the left only have one layer. Those will not make a good stencil if we leave them the way they look now, but I have a magic tool to transform them called the Contour Tool.


Using the Contour Tool

I zoomed in here so you could see how the image changes.

1.Select the image.

2. Click>Contour.

**An image has to be ungrouped before you can contour it. You can only contour one layer images, so if the Contour Tool is grayed out, check to see if the image needs ungrouped.


In the window that pops up, click one time in the gray area(this is the black area in the image that you are going to hide.

**When you select and image to contour, you are just hiding the part of the image that you don’t want to cut.  In this case, we don’t want to cut the black area. We only want to cut the words.


Notice how the image changed? You hid the outer black area and are only left with the words and the flourishes. Now this would make a good stencil!  You could hide the flourishes or any of the letters too. You can’t hide every part of an image. There must be one portion left or the software will let you know that it can’t be done.


Here are all of the images after they have been contoured. I changed the color of the spider web from white to black so that you could see it better. Now we need to decide what to turn into a stencil.

**Click HERE to learn more about the Contour Tool in this post.


**If something will not contour, check to see if there is a score line in the layers. If there is, just select it and delete it. You will see this score line on cards. Some cards have great images for stencils. I always search through the card images.

Below are some of the images I used for stencils. On the left, you can see where the bridges need to be placed. On the right is the image after being bridged. To read more about bridges, click HERE.



Once you have prepared your images to use as a stencil, you need to design the stencil frame. To learn how to do that, click HERE .


Be sure to visit the online shop for cuttable stencil files! Stencils are added daily. There are several new stencils and some freebies available for download at The Colorful Cookie Stencil Studio online shop. Click HERE to take a look.

Here are links to some helpful information on the blog–






Happy Stenciling!