I recently wrote a guest blog post for Silhouette School. In the post, I shared how to design a balloon background stencil using a circle and a triangle.

Today, I want to show you how to design a Happy Birthday word stencil to go with the balloon background stencil. Since you have learned how to make bridges in letters, this stencil will be a “piece of cake” for you!

Begin by choosing a font that you like for the words “Happy Birthday”. I chose this font called “Peralta” from Font Squirrel that is a free download and has an open use license.


Open Silhouette Studio and start a new project. Insert a square for the stencil frame and resize it to 5.5 x 5.5 inches. If you don’t remember how to do that, click HERE.


Insert text by clicking on the “A” on the left side toolbar. Type your text. You can choose the font style now(where the red arrow is at the top of the photo) or in the next step.


Click>Panels and then click>Text Style to show the “Text Style” Panel. You can choose text style, size, spacing, etc in this panel.


The Text Panel allows you to make changes to your font. I centered the text and changed the Character and Line Spacing. You can also select a different font style. It is not usually necessary to change the pt size of the font. Resizing the text with the bounding box will work to make the text the right size.


Select the text by clicking on it to show the bounding box, click on the square in the corner and resize it for your cookie.


Zoom in really close and select the knife tool or use the shortcut by pressing the “K” on your keyboard. Go back to the Selection Tool by pressing the “V” on your keyboard. Use these shortcuts to toggle back and forth between the knife tool and the selection tool to make things faster.


Select “Solid” and uncheck the “Auto Apply” box unless you want the knife to cut as soon as you draw your cut line. Because of the angle of the letter, two cut lines with the knife made a neater cut. If you draw two cut lines, select both by holding down the shift key and then click>Apply to cut them at the same time.


Continue making cut lines in the letters that need bridged.


The red arrows are pointing to all of the bridged areas. The lowercase a,  p’s, d, and uppercase B have to be bridged or the counters will fall out. The uppercase H, lowercase h, and lowercase y’s needed bridged to make them sturdy in the stencil frame. If there were no bridges in these letters, the loose areas would pull up while airbrushing causing under spray. If royal icing is scraped over the stencil those loose areas would catch on a scraper or spatula. The bridges will keep those areas in place. If you can’t visualize that, cut the stencil out without bridging those letters. You will quickly see the areas in the H, h, and y that are loose.


Edit Points

There may be uneven areas after cutting with the knife tool. Although, it is hard to see in this pic.


Extra edit points can be deleted to make the uneven lines straight. Click on the letter that needs edited and press the “A” on the keyboard or double click and the edit points will show.


The toolbar at the top will allow you to delete edit points. Select the edit points that need deleted by clicking on them and then click>X in the top toolbar. If you keep clicking the X, the edit points will be deleted one by one. There is more info HERE about bridging and edit points.


After deleting extra edit points, the line should be straight.


Duplicating letters

Since there are two lowercase p’s, you only need to bridge one and delete the other. After bridging, duplicate, and move it into position instead of bridging both of them. Just a little timesaver tip!


Complete the same steps for other duplicate letters– two lowercase a’s and two lowercase y’s.


Select the letters by clicking and dragging over them. Go to Object and click>Group to keep the letters together.


Select both the frame and the grouped words by holding down the shift key while clicking on them. Go to Object, Align and click>Align Center.


With the frame and the letters still selected, go to Object and click>Group. This will keep the frame and the letters together should you decide to move them around on the screen.


Click to download the Happy Birthday Stencil


Coming up!! Learning about downloading copyright free images for your stencils and uploading them into Silhouette Studio.

What shall we design next? Email me with suggestions of what you would like to learn to do in Silhouette Studio or specific kinds/themes of stencils that you would like to learn how to make.

Be sure to visit the online shop for cuttable stencil files! Stencils are added daily. There are several new stencils and some freebies available for download at The Colorful Cookie Stencil Studio online shop. Click HERE to take a look.

Here are links to some helpful information on the blog–






Happy Stenciling!