I hope you are learning from the information shared on the blog! So far, we have covered creating a new project, saving projects, inserting images, selecting and resizing images, inserting text, slicing, welding, attaching, detaching, grouping, ungrouping, duplicating, sharing project links, cut settings, stencil materials, and probably a few other things that I am forgetting. Give yourself a pat on the back if this is new to you and you are succeeding!

In the photos below, I am showing you how I used the font file that I created in the All About Bridges blog post to make a word stencil. In the post about bridging, I used a simple font to show you how to bridge letters, but I often use more than one font in my stencils. I have learned to create bridges quickly. You will be able to do that too once you have practiced it a few times.

Open the font file if you have one created. Go to “File>Save As”. Name the file “Happy 4th of July”.  Do this right away or you may accidentally click “Save” and overwrite your original file.

If you did not create a font file, open a new project, click>insert text. and choose a font. Bridge the letters for your stencil.


Ungroup the alphabet and numbers if they are grouped. Duplicate the letters that you need and also the number 4. You can see the letters and the number 4 that I duplicated. They have green arrows pointing to them.


Drag the duplicated letters off to the side and put them in order. You can delete all of the extra letters and numbers that you did not use.


Place them how you would like them to look in your stencil. Resize the letters to the same height and width or what looks right to you. Align the text. Since I chose to use only uppercase letters and they are the same height, I aligned the bottom and also distributed them vertically.

Tip: When you have parts of a letter that are above the middle of a letter(ascenders), such as b,d,h and tails(descenders) that hang below the base of the letters, such as g, j,p choose align and center instead.


I inserted a different font for the word “of” in the stencil and bridged the “o”.  After bridging the “o”, place the word where it looks good to you.


Once you have the letters and number in place, select and group them.


Insert a square and resize it to the size that you prefer your stencil frame to be. Add a tab to your stencil if you want one. Align and center the words, then attach the words and the stencil frame. You are ready to cut!

**I like my stencil frame to be 5.5 x 5.5 square to fit in the Stencil Genie. You may want to try a smaller circle with a tab for your stencil frame if you don’t have Stencil Genie or if  you prefer a smaller size frame for the cookie.


Here are links to some helpful information on the blog–






Coming up!! Learning about downloading copyright free images and also uploading your own designs to use in stencils.

What shall we design next? Email me with suggestions of what you would like to learn to do in Design Space or specific kinds/themes of stencils that you would like to learn how to make.


Happy 4th of July!!!