Father’s Day Stencils

Father’s Day is almost here! These stencils are just in time! I have designed stencil files to share with both Silhouette and Cricut users. You will find the links with access to the files at the end of the post and on the Shared Stencil Files page.


Cricut Design Space

Here is a pic of my screen as I was creating the bridges in Cricut Design Space. I chose a font that I wanted, typed the words, and centered them. I ungrouped them so that I could move them around a little and then inserted squares and ovals to slice. After I placed the letters where I wanted them, I selected all of them and welded them together. Lastly, I centered and attached the image to the stencil frame.



Silhouette Studio


Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 9.33.25 PM

Sometimes I want to be able cut my images on both machines. I take a shortcut so I don’t have to design it twice. This won’t always work because some images trace better than others, but for this one it will. I snap a screen shot of the image just after designing it in Cricut Design Space and save it to my desktop. Then I open Silhouette Studio and upload the jpeg, trace it, resize the image, add a stencil frame into the workspace by merging. Lastly, group the image and the stencil frame together. And…it is ready to cut!


Click the links below to save the files to your computer-

Free Cricut Design Space File- Best Daddy Ever

Free Silhouette File Download-Best Daddy Ever

cropped-screen-shot-2017-10-14-at-11-48-22-amBe sure to visit the online shop for cuttable stencil files! Stencils are added daily. There are several new stencils and some freebies available for download at The Colorful Cookie Stencil Studio online shop. Click HERE to take a look.

Here are links to some helpful information on the blog–






Happy Stenciling!


6 thoughts on “Father’s Day Stencils”

  1. Thank you! I am so excited to be able to download free stencils. When I ever get a chance to follow your directions on how to create stencils on my cricut – I plan on sharing loads of stencils!!!!


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