To begin your stencil making adventure, I am going to show you how to design a stencil frame. This is the part of the stencil that holds everything in place. I like to make my stencil frames 5.5 x 5.5 to fit in the Stencil Genie, but you can make the frame any size or shape you want- whatever works best for you.

I am going to try to keep the tutorials on the blog very simple and explain each step along the way. I am going to assume that you are a beginner.

I will post the Cricut and Silhouette tutorials separately. They will be the same or very similar stencils, as each software is capable of different things.

Open a new file by clicking >New or the plus sign in the blue square that says, “Create New Project.”

**You can also open previously created designs here by clicking >My Projects.


Insert a square by clicking >Insert Shapes and >Square


Go to the Edit Panel and size the square to 5.5 x 5.5 inches. If you leave the lock closed, the square will stay in proportion. The lock will open if you click on it and the measurements will not stay in proportion.


Click >Insert Image in the upper left hand corner. Type the word “shape” in the search box in the upper right hand corner. Choose a shape that you would like for the stencil tab and click on it. (If the image has a letter “a” in the corner, it is a Cricut Access image. I pay monthly for this subscription. It is worth it!


You can see the image that you selected in the lower right hand corner of the workspace. Click >Insert Image.


Go to the Edit panel. Select the shape you inserted by clicking on it. Resize the image to about 1 inch wide.

Move the shape close to where you would like the tab to be at the top of the square. Select both the square and the shape by holding down the shift key and click on each of them. They should both be selected.  Go to the Align tab at the top and choose >Center Horizontally.

**You can also select each one by going to the Layers panel, holding down the shift key and click on each of them. Another way to select both of them is to click and drag over both images in the workspace.


Once the square and the shape are centered horizontally, go to the Layers tab and click >Weld. They should become one image. If not, you didn’t have them both selected. Try again.

**You may notice that it looks like there are two of the shapes in the Layers panel. I chose an image that has more than one layer setting on top of the other, but it’s ok because we welded them all into one.


Save your file by clicking the >File tab at the top and >Save.


Type a name for your file.


Click >Save.

**When you see the checkmark in the box under the word “Public”, that means that you can share the weblink to this file with other Cricut users. If this were an image from the web or one of your own that you uploaded into Design Space, the box would not have a checkmark and it cannot be shared because of copyright.


Now you have designed a stencil frame for all of the awesome stencils that you will be creating! Give yourself a pat on the back! If you have questions or comments, please comment on this post, because more than likely, someone else will have the same question. As I like to say, ” The only silly question is the one that does not get asked.”  I also appreciate the feedback!

In the next post, we will create an easy background stencil.

Be sure to visit the online shop for cuttable stencil files! Stencils are added daily. There are several new stencils and some freebies available for download at The Colorful Cookie Stencil Studio online shop. Click HERE to take a look.

Here are links to some helpful information on the blog–






Happy Stenciling!

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