Parts of a Cookie Stencil

Let’s start with the basics–

A cookie stencil is a thin sheet of polyester film, plastic, or acetate with a pattern or letters cut out of it, used to produce the cut design on the surface below by the application of icing or airbrush colors through the holes. I took this from the dictionary, but changed it to cookie language. I always buy food safe plastic. If I am unsure, I call the manufacturer.

Here are what I call the parts of a cookie stencil. I am sure there are more technical terms, but I want to keep it simple.

4 thoughts on “Parts of a Cookie Stencil

  1. I can’t wait to learn!! I already cut stencils, but it’s just been trial and error. I haven’t had much luck finding stencil tutorials online. What plastic do you buy?

    • Hi Laura! Check out the “Resources” page and you’ll find the links to the tools and supplies that I use. Stay tuned for the stencil tutorials.

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